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1. EC Regulations
2. Basic Towing Electrics
3. Dedicated wiring
4. Shipping

EC Regulations

Question: Why was European Type Approval for towbars introduced?
Answer: Directive 94/20/EC was introduced as part of European Whole Vehicle Type Approval to provide a common standard throughout the European Community, thus creating an open market. Irrespective of where a towbar has been manufactured, providing it has been Type Approved, a customer will know that it has been manufactured to a known technical and quality standard.

Question: Can I fit a cycle carrier or stabiliser between the towbar faceplate and the towball, when the towbar is EC Type Approved?
Answer: YES. Our towbars are tested with a minimum spacer of 25mm between the towball and the towbar.

Question: Can I fit a Type Approved towbar myself or do I have to go to an authorised fitter?
Answer: YES. You can fit the towbar yourself provided that it is installed in accordance with the instructions provided, but you may prefer a specialist to carry out the complete installation to include the often awkward towing electrics.

Question: I only tow a small trailer on rare occasions, surely I don't need a type approved towbar?
Answer: YES. The towbar must be certified even if not used for towing! Otherwise it does not comply with the Road Traffic Act.

Question: My local motor dealer says that my warranty will be invalidated unless I fit the manufacturer's towbar?
Answer: 94/20/EC was designed to create free trade. If you fit a regular Type Approved towbar it will not invalidate the vehicle warranty. Under EC Block Exemption Rules a motor vehicle manufacturer cannot prevent a franchised outlet from supplying or fitting components deemed to be of equal quality to that supplied by the vehicle manufacture - such as a Type Approved towbar.


Basic Towing Electrics

Question: What is a 12N connector on a car?
Answer: The Normal power required by the caravan/trailer for indicators, brake, fog and sidelights are provided via the 12N connector. This is a socket on the vehicle and a plug on the caravan/trailer.

Question: What is a 13 pin connector?
Answer: Some vehicles or caravans may come equipped with one single connector that incorporates both 12N and 12S functions, this is known as a 13pin or continental type connector.

Question: What happens if a brake bulb fails on the trailer?
Answer: Ordinary electric kits will not register this however with some dedicated kits a message will appear on the dash (model dependant) to warn you of the failure.

Question: Can I fit the electric kit to my own car?
Answer: Modern electric kits come complete with instructions, if you have any doubts you should always employ an approved stockist to install your electrics.


Dedicated wiring

Question: What is a dedicated kit?
Answer: A dedicated kit consists of a vehicle specific wiring harness and control unit with plugs, connectors and relays designed to fit and operate specifically with your vehicle.

Question: What do I get in the kit?
Answer: Most kits consist of a trailer control unit, the correct length of loom with corresponding plug-in connectors, power and communication cables, fully detailed vehicle specific pictorial instructions and a high quality seven or thirteen pin socket. In addition you will also find a quantity of cable ties, fuses and grommets necessary to complete the installation.

Question: Are dedicated kits difficult to fit?
Answer: Generally not, as full and detailed instructions come with the kit. However, as the title suggests, they are specific to each vehicle and some will need more skill to install than others. Fitting is usually done within an hour and a recode may be required from the main agent on some models. The safety and user benefits make the extra cost and time worthwhile.

Question: What are the benefits of a dedicated wiring kit?
Answer: When you tow with a dedicated kit it can alter (model dependant) vehicle systems such as the stability control program, suspension settings, traction control and anti-lock braking system.

Question: What are the advantages of a dedicated wiring kit?

To summarise a dedicated kit:
• Is quick and simple to connect to the sockets in the vehicle.
• Has reliable connections which continue to function faultlessly for many years.
• Comes complete with all required components and electronic modules.
• There are no conflicts with the other electronics of the vehicle.
• There is no risk of damage to the vehicle wiring.
• Comes with a detailed assembly manual with easy to follow ‘step by step instructions’.
• Has high quality components, often original equipment.   


Question: Why was a UPS InfoNotice left on my door?
Answer: A UPS InfoNotice was left on your door to let you know that a package delivery or pickup was attempted. Your UPS InfoNotice contains information to help you complete the delivery or pickup.

Question: I was not home when a delivery was attempted, and a UPS InfoNotice was left. Will UPS make another attempt?
Answer: Yes. UPS makes up to three delivery attempts, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Question: What time will the next attempt be made?
Answer: If this was a first or second attempt, the next delivery attempt will be made on the next business day. Your UPS driver has indicated on the UPS InfoNotice the approximate time range within which the next attempt will be made.

Question: Will UPS deliver my package to another address?
Answer: Yes. Simply write the address you would like to have the package delivered to on the "Comments Line" on the front of the UPS InfoNotice. Then place the UPS InfoNotice back in the same location where the driver originally left it. (This does not apply to "Adult signature required" deliveries.)

You may also submit a Delivery Change Request using the UPS Web site. Enter your 12 digit InfoNotice number on the Tracking page to begin requesting a change of delivery. Select the Redirect Package option to have your package delivered to an alternate address.

Question: There were three attempts made to deliver my package, but I was not at home. What happens to my package now?

UPS will hold your package for five business days. If the package is not picked up within five business days, it will be returned to the sender.

Question: I will not be available to receive my package(s) when UPS returns. What are my options?

There are several delivery options available. First, look closely at the InfoNotice to see if any instructional boxes are checked. Depending on the requirements of the shipper, you may be able to sign the back of the InfoNotice authorizing the driver to leave your package. Or, in the comments section of the note, you may write another address where the driver should take the package for delivery.

You may also submit a Delivery Change Request using the UPS Web site. Enter your 12 digit InfoNotice number on the Tracking page to begin requesting a change of delivery. You may choose from the following four options:

  • Reschedule Delivery: Reschedule a date for delivery at the original address.
  • Return to Shipper: Return your package to the shipper.
  • Redirect Package: Have your package delivered to an alternate address.
  • Will Call: Arrange to pick up your package at UPS.

Question: >My question is not answered here. Where can I find additional support?

For additional information, please call the customer service telephone number listed on your UPS InfoNotice.

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