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Wiring Kits

Today’s cars are known for the ever-increasing complexity of their electronic systems. That’s why we offer a specific electrical set for every type of car which guarantees a trouble-free installation without wire cutting or searching for the right cable.

The 7-pole system is the version which takes care of the basis electronic functions of the car. If additional functions are required for the caravan or trailer, 13-pole wiring systems are available to enable the supplementary functionalities.

The e-set includes the selected socket, mounting instructions and all necessary mounting parts. High quality production and optimal wire thickness ensure a long life time.

Dedicated sets
In our store you can find car specific sets and universal sets.
The dedicated sets are equipped with connectors which will fit on the car directly.

Standard electrical kit
The standard kits are made for a large range of cars. They will fit on almost every car.
This kit is available in 7 and 13 poles.

Difference dedicated set and standard kit
The dedicated set is easy to install. The standard kits take some more time, but are sometimes cheaper.

If a dedicated set is listed for your car, just choose this option.

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